Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #19

One-Shot (2007)
What if the Hulk landed on the peaceful planet that Reed Richards promised?

CoverWritten by Greg Pak
Drawn by Rafa Sandoval

How does one man explain to another that he must be exiled for crimes that he did not commit? When Reed Richards banishes fellow scientist Bruce Banner for the misdeeds of his monstrous alter-ego, it is with the sincerest tone of apology.

“There will be no one there to hurt you… and no one you can hurt. You always said you wanted to be left alone… May you finally find peace.”

Years ago, the explosion of a gamma ray bomb transformed Dr Banner into the super-strong, untameable Hulk. Although that initial change was temporary, subsequent high-stress moments have repeated the trick, and Bruce has ever struggled to limit his involuntary stints as a rampaging brute.

At last, Dr Richards has cut the Gordian Knot: since nothing on Earth could stop the Hulk, he has removed the Hulk from Earth. Stranded on an alien world, the Hulk resigns himself to his fate; Dr Banner, however, does not…

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