Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of "What If...?": #21

Volume 2 #26 (1991)
What if the Punisher killed Daredevil?

CoverWritten by Kurt Busiek
Drawn by Luke McDonnell

Unthinkable but true: Daredevil has just been killed by the Punisher. The hero of Hell’s Kitchen has been murdered by New York City’s most infamous vigilante.

“The Kingpin is the first to hear. But then, he would be.”

While Daredevil’s greatest enemy turns to scheming, his friends begin to mourn. Among them is Peter Parker, known to the world as Spider-Man.

As the first superhero ever to have battled the Punisher, Peter considers himself responsible for Daredevil’s death. Consumed by thoughts of vengeance, he sets out to end the bloody career of this foe he first fought years ago.

Having tangled with Spider-Man in the past, the Punisher knows how to free himself from the wallcrawler’s webs. But Peter is now out for blood, using his fists rather than his webbing. Thus, when the Punisher is beaten into a corner, he sees no other option than to draw his pistol, take aim at Peter, and fire…

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