Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of "What If...?": #22

One-Shot (2008)
The spider who went into the cold

CoverWritten by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin
Drawn by Clayton Henry

Few know it, but Peter Parker, the spectacular Spider-Man, once carried out a black ops mission in Russia with Logan, the bloodthirsty Wolverine. Afterwards, Peter returned to New York and resumed his usual red-and-blue-clad heroics.

But what if Logan had asked Peter to first tie up just one loose end? And what if Peter had weighed his power to say no against his responsibility to say yes?

The forest ahead is blanketed with snow and mercenaries. Logan eviscerates the men who fire upon him while Peter merely binds them with his webs.

Logan warns Peter against pulling his punches just seconds before the sudden arrival of two of Russia’s own superhumans: the Crimson Dynamo and a woman whose powers resemble those of Logan’s fellow mutant Storm.

“Figures that Russian mutants would be crappy knockoffs of ours.”

But these agents are no pushovers. Peter receives several savage blows from the Dynamo before Logan manages to power down his heavy armor. Unaware of this development, Peter kills the Dynamo with a single punch…

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  1. Parker, Henry, and Tobin are some of my favorites in comics, but what story is this supposed to be a "What If" for?

  2. Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1 (from 1987!)