Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best of "What If...?": #24

One-Shot (2007)
What if the Hulk died and Caiera lived?

CoverWritten by Greg Pak
Drawn by Leonard Kirk

Unbeknownst even to their own community, a small group of superhumans meets as necessary to ensure our planet’s safety. Recently, this secret society decided that the awesomely powerful Hulk was too dangerous to be tolerated any longer on Earth. Reluctantly, they tricked him into a special ship and shot him into space.

“Time and again, your anger and power have threatened the entire planet…” begins the group's parting message, ending, “…it’s the only way to be sure.”

Rather than drift harmlessly, however, the Hulk’s ship chances on a wormhole, which re-plots its course for a violent crash landing on the planet Sakaar. There, the Hulk becomes a hugely successful gladiator, winning the support of the people and the hand of an amazon named Caiera.

But fate is ever finding ways to rob the Hulk of peace. Incredibly, the ship that brought the green-skinned giant to Sakaar self-detonates, engulfing the Hulk in flames and killing his bride. Consumed by rage, the Hulk declares war on Earth.

The devastation thereafter inflicted by the Hulk elevates his already legendary infamy to new heights. No greater vengeance could have visited the Earth… unless the Hulk himself had died and Caiera had sought revenge…

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