Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #1

One-Shot (2009)
What if Doctor Doom kept the Beyonder’s power?

CoverWritten by Karl Bollers
Drawn by Jorge Molina

Victor von Doom knows that he is the most capable man on Earth. His intellect is shocking, and his power – a marriage of science and mysticism – is astounding. If only the world recognized his greatness, it would submit to his absolute rule.

But even Doom is mortal. He may usher in an age of unprecedented peace and prosperity, but he cannot guarantee utopia's survival beyond his own demise.

In a future not our own, Doom has become a demigod. It no longer matters how or why. All that matters is the result of the coming contest between Doom and the Celestials: the stellar custodians of Earth whose power is beyond description…

“What man hath wrought… let no god put asunder.”

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