Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #13

Volume 2 #83 (1996)
What if Daredevil was the disciple of Doctor Strange?

CoverWritten by Ian Edginton and Mike Baron
Drawn by Rafael Kayanan

Years ago, surgeon Stephen Strange wrecked his car and ruined his hands. Hoping that he might be healed, he sought out not the Ancient One but the Chaste, and he learned from them arts martial rather than mystical.

Years ago, teenager Matt Murdock lost first his sight and then his father. When he located this troubled youth, Strange found both his first pupil and his final patient.

Tonight, Strange descends upon a high-rise rooftop amidst a shower of shuriken. The ninja clan known as the Hand have lured the doctor out of his dojo.

“My hands, which used to operate on human flesh with the greatest delicacy, are now fit only for killing. [They] have been broken and reset, broken and reset. So I use them to break this Hand… to atone for a sin I can never outlive… as long as he lives.”

“He” is Daredevil: Strange’s greatest disciple become his greatest enemy…

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