Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #8

Volume 2 #13 (1990)
What if Professor X had become the Juggernaut?

CoverWritten by Kurt Busiek
Drawn by Vince Mielcarek

Years ago, Charles Xavier realized that he belonged to a species other than mankind: a splinter race that would come to be called mutantkind. Using his awesome power of telepathy, Charles located young mutants across the country and brought them together at a school of his founding. There, he instructed them in the safe use of their powers, so that they might protect themselves and others.

But there are other universes in which Charles could not safeguard the destiny of mutantkind. More probable than it sounds is a reality in which Charles is made invulnerable and immediately thereafter buried beneath a mountain of rubble.

In this other universe, Charles spends years clawing his way to freedom instead of designing a special school. During this time, a madman nicknamed Magneto calls together the mutants of the world for his own sinister purposes. Driven half-mad by his telepathic knowledge of Magneto’s actions, Charles shows remarkable restraint when he at last reaches the surface and confronts the mutant dictator.

“Your presence is no longer required.”

With Magneto out of the picture, Charles proceeds to eliminate every other threat to mutantkind, beginning with Earth’s artificially super-powered humans…

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