Friday, March 25, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #4

One-Shot (2005)
What if Dr Doom had become the Thing?

CoverWritten by Karl Kesel
Drawn by Paul Smith

Years ago, Empire State University admitted two students of unusual genius named Reed Richards and Victor von Doom. Whereas Reed allowed himself time for leisure, Victor devoted himself entirely to a number of clandestine experiments. One day, Reed noted a flaw in the calculations of his jealous rival. Victor shrugged off the remark, and soon, the criticized experiment literally blew up in his face.

Yet even the arrogant Doom could have paused and reconsidered his work. Finding that Richards was right after all, Victor could have partnered with Reed to share ideas and achieve the impossible. In a universe unlike our own, he did.

It is now five years since Reed and Victor began working together, and the final products of their research will soon be unveiled. Two civilian passengers are presently flying into space with the scientist pair to prove the safety of their first commercial spacecraft. Success seems assured until potentially lethal cosmic rays begin to bombard the ship, and Victor makes a sinister announcement…

“I’ve already dredged the most useful ideas from Richards’ mind. And so I will finish the research and bask in the glory alone…”

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