Monday, March 14, 2011

Best of "What If...?": #9

Volume 1 #35 (1982)
What if Elektra had lived?

CoverWritten and Drawn by Frank Miller

There was once a woman who meant everything to Matt Murdock. Her name was Elektra, and the assassin Bullseye ran her through with a sai.

But murder for hire is a treacherous trade, and Bullseye was nearly killed himself before things ever came to that. What if Bullseye had indeed died?

Matt is still Daredevil, the sightless superhero. And Elektra is still an assassin in her own right. Tonight, she’s been assigned to kill Matt’s best friend…

“You’ve gone too far, Elektra. No matter what I’ve felt for you… no matter how much I may still love you… you’ve gone too far.”

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